Try Tr@iner

Try Tr@iner



Weet-Bix TryTr@iner is a training programme that will help you get into gear for the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon in 2014/15!

A guide for parents/guardians
1. As a general guide, if your child is 7-9 they should use the Beginner training programme, 10-12 year olds should use the Moderate training programme, and 13 and above the Advanced training programme.
2. The Parent/Guardian of the child is responsible for the training environment the Tryathlete uses to undertake the Weet-Bix TryTr@iner Programme and will supervise the Tryathlete at all times during his or her use of the Weet-Bix TryTr@iner Programme.
3.The Tryathlete uses the Weet-Bix TryTr@iner Programme at his or her own risk.

We suggest you download a training programme suitable for your child and print out and put on the fridge. Good luck with your training!


                                                                                      Sunday Event Training Programs

Try Tr@iner Beginner      Try Tr@iner Moderate      Try Tr@iner Advanaced

Beginner training programme (PDF File)   Moderate training programme (PDF File)     Advanced training programme (PDF File)


                                                                                Wednesday Event Training Programs

 Try Trainer Beginner     Try Trainer Moderate      Try Trainer Advanced

Beginner training programme (PDF File)   Moderate training programme (PDF File)     Advanced training programme (PDF File)

For more information on youth triathlon or coaching contact Brett Reid at, or go to the Tri NZ website at