Parent's Testimonials

Caitlin entered with 2 friends in the team event this year. It was her first TRYathlon. The girls did SO well, and really surprised all of us, including themselves with their ability! It just goes to show that ANYONE can enter and have a great time. The confidence and satisfaction they have gained from this event is immeasurable. Thanks to the organisers for an awesome, well-organised event.—Vanessa S, Parent

I had fun doing the Tryathlon - it was my first time. I'm thinking about doing it next year. I am quite good at running and biking so I did those and my sister did the swimming. I think I'll try doing it individually next year. I was a bit nervous when I was thinking about it but when my mum told me where to stand I was ok. At school we took our t-shirts and medals in and the principal photographed us for the newsletter!—Thomas W, Participant

Just a thank you to the organisers of the Weet-Bix TRYathlon in New Plymouth. We had great weather and the tryathlon was superbly organised. We had 45+ kids entered who had a great day along with their parents and whanau supporting them.— Chrissie M, Teacher

Huge Thank you to all for a fantastic day yesterday - just amazing.  It was our son's 6th event at Narrowneck and our daughter's 3rd and just love the event - wonderful atmosphere, spirit and camaraderie amongst all.  It has always been a day in the year that we mark down, get there early, spend the day there and ache from joy all over.  We appreciate the hundreds of hours involved in making such an event possible - and honestly, it really is appreciated - the behind the scenes in particular - thank you.— Arda K and family

Just a quick note to say - what a fantastic event the Weet-Bix TRYathlon team ran in Wellington yesterday.  Having organised a few large (non sporting) events myself I was staggered at the sheer size and logistics of the event - and seamless way it all ran the day.  It was fantastic to see all the volunteers and the young kids helping out were just brilliant - so friendly and enthusiastic and obviously having a good time themselves.  It was my daughters first go at a tryathlon.  She was still talking about it as she drifted off to sleep last night and it was the first thing she mentioned this morning.  Including "Is my Try top clean" as she wanted to wear it to school - thankfully I had preempted that one...  Great atmosphere, good clean wholesome fun for the kids, a great day out for the parents - very cool.  We'll be back next year— Rachael, Parent

Sunday was the first time I had ever been to this event and I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the event.  What a great day.  It was the best organized event for kids that I have ever been too.  The staff and helpers on the day were great and made the day very enjoyable.  The Weet-Bix man was great at the finish line and certainly helped to get them over the finish line with a smile, and he never appeared to run our of energy, good on him.  I think that to get that many children in one event is quite an achievement, well done to everybody we look forward to next year.— Tania M, Parent

I just wanted to drop a line to say a HUGE THANK YOU for a wonderful event.  This was our first time participating and we were blown away with the organisation and how well it was run.  Another massive thank you to all the volunteers…it was amazing there were so many and they were all so helpful and encouraging.  Very comforting for our daughter and her friend who were first timers to know there were lots of people around so they couldn't get lost etc!  We will be back!!  Thank you all again, I realise an event on this scale takes huge organisation so want to make sure you know it is appreciated.— Joanne H, Parent